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A genial but aggressively protective biography of George Morton Lavy, a lawyer and the entrepreneur of the Roosevelt Raceway, smeared in an investigation by the Kefauver Committee, has been written in the interests of his friend by his former partner-in-law. A little man with a big cigar, Levy was a tenacious trial lawyer, punctilious and honorable at all times, quixotic, and a soft touch. Performing ably in several notorious criminal cases of the '30's, his defense of Luciano was ultimately to do him real harm, to leave a longlasting guilt by association. Taking an interest (which Littleton did not share and tried to discourage) in the Raceway, Levy spent years trying to make a go of it, sank all kinds of money- all of his and others- before it finally began to take hold, then was one of those victimized by the Kefauver inquiry into ""Organized Crime"" which ruined his reputation- in spite of a later vindication..... It's hard to designate a market for this- but some of the early trial performances, along with the Runyonesque atmosphere in which Levy lived, may help it along.

Pub Date: Oct. 4th, 1957
Publisher: Farrar, Straus