BENJAMIN BONNEVILLE: Soldier  by Helen Markley Miller
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Bonneville's biography moves from his childhood in France, where early friendships with Robert Fulton and Thomas Paine forecast the path his life would follow. When his family emigrated to America, Bonneville became a protege of Thomas Paine. After graduation from West Point, he resolved to explore the Far West. Granted a furlough, he mapped the rivers and mountains of the Rockies and broke much of the trail to be followed later by ettlers bound for Oregon. By unlucky chance his application for an extension of his furlough was mislaid and he fell into disfavor with the military command. Late marriage enriched his eighty -odd years. Only in 1930, long after his death, were the missing papers he had dispatched discovered by a government clerk. Now his name marks one of the Northwest's great dame.

Pub Date: Sept. 7th, 1957
Publisher: M