DUST IN THE GOLD SACK by Helen Markley Miller


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Debts left by their father multiplied the difficulties of survival for orphaned Melvena Perry, 14, and her older brother Tom, 18. Boom-or-bust Idaho, 1860, was mad with gold-fever. To repay their debt of honor, Tom and Melvena brought supplies in to Florence, a rough mining center. Shiftless help and parasitical neighbors added to Tom's business worries in trading goods for gold dust. Twice the profits of a month's work were lost en route to Walla Walla. Nevertheless, Melvena hated to see how hard the struggle was making her brother. Although he refused initially to have a kitten or a dog, Melvena persuaded him finally to take in little Luce, orphaned daughter of a dance-hall girl with healthy effects on his character. Gold strikes at Boise Basin and Warren's Meadows mean another move for the Perry children, with brighter hopes for themselves and Luce.

Pub Date: Oct. 17th, 1957
Publisher: Doubleday