MY ZOO FAMILY by Helen Martial


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A lion cub led to Bengal tigers, chimpanzees, lemurs, a black leopard, and more and more strange and wild babies when the author, wife of the head keeper of the Bronx Park Zoo, tried her hand at saving the first little one's life. Her success was a side and back door to establishing a nursery in the zoo, and made for lively experiences with the animals. There were orangutans and gorillas, anteaters and pangolins, snow leopards and ; there were sickness and emergencies; there were troublesome devils and spoiled angels; each baby charge was precious and valuable; each, too, was highly individual and it all was absorbing for Mrs. Martini. Her methods were not orthodox but her results were definitely satisfactory when her young ones grew up and produced babies of their own, when suspicious and unfriendly wild things responded to love and care, when her understanding of ""problem"" children proved valuable to others. A behind-the-scenes picture of zoo life, this has a fond touch and a keen observance and should have a wide appeal for our animal-loving population.

Publisher: Harper