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We have all seen too many pins and pictures of General MacArthur and with typical American fickleness have more or less forgotten the glowing hero worship we felt for him last winter. It is therefore time for us all to read such a biography as this, which is well written, balanced and absorbing. Sell it to your adult customers too, though it isn't long it is a grand form of re-inspiration. Our General MacArthur comes from a fighting Scotch family, his grandfather came over, settled in Milwaukee, was a fine lawyer and a War Democrat. The father went off to war at seventeen, received the Congressional Medal of Honor for his work at Missionary Ridge, Tennessee, and was called the ""Boy Colonel of the West"". The mother was a spirited beautiful girl from Richmond. Douglas was born in 1880 at Little Rock and came easily by his ""impressively effective manner"", his father even died dramatically. We know this story, the years at West Point, the high graduation honors, the early period in the Philippines with his belief in the Filipinos, his period as observer with the Japanese in the Russo-Japanese war, side to Theodore Roosevelt in 1906, his leadership of the 42nd Rainbow Division, his running of West Point and so forth right down to last March, including the unpleasant episode of the foiling of the Bonus Army. An efficient, confident, energetic, great leader has been well described for our youth.

Pub Date: Sept. 18th, 1942
Publisher: Appleton-Century