TOP KICK, U. S. Army Horse by Helen Orr Watson
Kirkus Star

TOP KICK, U. S. Army Horse

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This has been starred because if it has a good jacket it will be unusually saleable. You have a top-notch horse story which also gives an excellent picture of present-day army methods and even includes some of the action in the Philippines last winter. We pray that the illustrations by Bernard K. arbutt are up to the text.... In the Front Royal Remount Depot in Virginia was born a bay colt 124 pounds, 10 hand is inches high. As soon as he saw him Colonel Whittier knew that they had a fine new addition to their famous stables. While growing up Top Kick has amazing experiences with Beelzebub, the orphan demon colt, and with Storm King, the old white horse that Ben, the new stableman, knew was not a ghost. In his third year, the hero was broken in for riding and at that time he became friends with the strange ex-circus horse Jingo from Texas. They were moved to Fort Riley, Kansas, where Zacky, the colored man took care of him and where he was ridden by Lieutenant Bayley, and on the sly by Muggins, the Major's daughter, who owned a blind horse. Here he had experience with a dust storm, coyote hunts, jumping, horse shows, manoeuvres and the strange new mechanized units. Not long before December 7th, they were sent to the Philippines where native, loyal Tamaso cared for him and for Jingo. The descriptions of the fighting are presumably based on fact. You can tell prospective buyers that though Jingo is killed the male and equine heroes live, at least through the book. It seemed fine to have animals as excellent characters without having them speak.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1942
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin