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PONCA, COW PONY by Helen Rushmore



Pub Date: Aug. 21st, 1952
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace

Chip Sanders of Cowboy Joe of the Circle S. rides, ropes, blunders and makes his way towards becoming a good rancher and eventually his father's partner. Less prone at nine to commit the many embarrassing ""dudisms"" he did at eight, Chip and his pony Ponca still get themselves into a scrape now and then, and there's some nearly disastrous exhibitionism near a highway and Ponca's habit of snatching people's hats. But when Chip stumbles on a bunch of rustlers, Ponca's trick saves the day and the groundwork is laid for Chip's initiation into partnership. Western roughing, rugged as a pair of levis, and some humor adds to the ranch routine.