FAVORITE POEMS: Old and New by Helen- Selected by Ferris
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**If your children think they don't like poetry, expose them to this collection of close to 800 poems and I defy them to resist its magic. For here are poems for all children:-children who like realism and children who like fantasy, children who want a good story and children who want laughter. There's recognition of the place of wholesome sentiment, of pictorial values, of ephemeral interests. There's prose that is poetry in essence. There's abundant choice for memorizing and cherishing -- or sharing with others. Poetry cries to be read aloud- and the grace of line, the sharpness of a picture, the swing of rhythm, all find their place. A glance down the sectional breakdowns will give you realization of the scope and the imaginative approach to selection and arrangement. A glance down the list of authors shows the wide range, old and new. For adults, this is a nostalgic collection, salted with enough written for children of today to make one feel that the vein of poetry is inexhaustible. Helen Ferris' warm words of introduction will deepen one's sense of knowing her. Leonard Weisgard has made a four color jacket and doublespread title page and some 18 black and white drawings. In format it is a big book- 6 1/8 x 9fl- so plan a special place for it on your children's most used bookshelves.

Pub Date: Oct. 17th, 1957
ISBN: 0385076967
Publisher: Doubleday