JOKES, JOKES, JOKES by Helen- Selected by Hoke


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I'm confessing in advance that this series has a hurdle to take in its title. I don't like it! Next- jokes, of the sort today's children find hilarious, don't strike my funnybone at all. So, when I found these sample pages (not a complete galley) abysmally boring, with nothing but the subheads occasioning a chuckle, I tried them out on (a) two parents of the young; (b) one 12-year old -- and the best I could get was a rather grudging ""Guess it's all right"". Sorry- but there it is. It has something of everything, but many of the ""jokes"" seem to demand adult frames to carry their punch; some are a bit hoary with age; and goofy and zany ones demand their own frame of reference; and too large a number seemed forced. And yet- joke books and riddle books have their endless chain of advocates.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1954
Publisher: Franklin Watts