COURTESY: A Book of Modern Manners by Helen Sprackling

COURTESY: A Book of Modern Manners

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New standards and conditions need a new approach, a new awareness. But courtesy, in any age, is basically a problem of behavior in contact with people. This differs from the average etiquette book in taking into consideration many of the factors of modern life that tend to break down old rules, -- telephone, radio, cars, etc. Mrs. Sprackling does no preaching. She accepts changing modes -- particularly some of the short cuts of war exigencies. But her book meets these needs, and provides a commonsense, middle of the road course, for modern manners, at home and away from home. The usual topics are discussed; present day good form is indicated: -- introductions, conversation, voice, table manners and etiquette, teen age attitudes, behavior in restaurants, public conveyances, theater, etc., visiting, writing, accepting and regretting invitations, and so on. She makes a good deal of the revival of the art of letter writing, and stresses its importance. She gives some excellent charts and diagrams, such as the one on how to address various people, whether in speaking to them, in addressing envelopes, in the salutation in letters, in introducing them. There were some subjects slighted, I felt. For instance, tipping was inadequately treated. But on the whole, it is an excellent book.

Publisher: Barrows