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NIGHTSHADE by Helen Topping Miller



Pub Date: May 9th, 1960
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill

The stranglehold of well-named Dr. Strong over his four daughters and his son, with its variable effects- from sullen submission to silent rebellion- gives way, after his self-effacing wife's death, and this is the story of their disaffection in the months to follow. Gen, the least intimidated by her father, goes ahead with her marriage to an altogether ineffectual young man; Peter, his son-in-law, also a doctor, underpaid and overshadowed in his father-in-law's hospital, finally has the courage to leave for a promising career on his own; Miriam, the youngest, is able to recognize love and achieve a happy marriage; and Brad, the boy, whose worthlessness can no longer be easily excused, runs away and returns home only to die.... An old hand, who has not lost her touch with everyday problems and people you might meet anywhere, provides a credible and competent story for women.