AUCTION TODAY by Helen Train Hilles
Kirkus Star


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A very perceptive story about eight year olds also solves a community problem and adds to this author's record of good books for the age group (see Pierre Comes to P. S. and Moving Day). When sea, whose father is on the town council, comes up with the news that there will be no new fire engine unless they can have a successful auction, her friend Ricky isn't too sure what an auction is. He's also put out by the bravado of smart alecky Harry. But Ricky knuckles down, gets the necessary information and is the only one with nerve enough to ask old Mr. Jepson, a writer, for a contribution. The donation turns out to be a 1750 edition of The New England Primer and it alone brings enough money for the new engine. Exciting.

Publisher: Lippincott