THE FRAGRANT YEAR by Helen Van Pelt & Leonie Bell Wilson


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If our gardens were more often planned as fragrant retreats and our rooms were frequently perfused...we would not have to depend so much on tranquillizers to hold us together in this , fast-paced world,"" asserts Mrs. Wilson. In her pursuit of the pleasures of the se,"" she speaks with the authority of a practiced gardener and appreciator of the of smell, which Helen Keller called ""a fallen angel."" She ticks off the fragrant possibilities of the winter garden (guelder, crocus, iris), the spring scents of shrubs (pieris japonica, fruit trees), early bulbs and perennials (narcissus, hyacinth, lilies of the valley), sweet shrubs for early summer (lilacs, rhododendron, azaleas), fragrant trees and vines for May and June. Then there are pinks, peonies, and iris, all manner of roses, lilies old and new, autumn alomas. In the house, there are fragrant plants for cool windows, warmer living rooms with seasonal and unscheduled scents. And if you have ever dreamed of having a midsummer night's garden, Mrs. Wilson provides that too!

Pub Date: Feb. 28th, 1966
Publisher: Morrow-Barrows