A NECESSARY WOMAN by Helen Van Slyke
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As in the very best of soaps, Van Slyke's people wind smoothly through an intricate macram‚ plot with their mouths open, analyzing each other's increasingly interesting predicaments. This one features Mary Morgan, a middle-aged talk show host on a local San Francisco radio station. Mary, saddled with big-dreams-and-no-prospects Michael, a loving and attentive husband, thinks that what she really wants is a strong, protective man. So during a world cruise with pretty niece Jayne, she meets Australian widower Christopher, a dream come true. But troubles await when the cruise is over. Mary's hateful sister has been sleeping with weak Michael; Jayne fails in love and marries a former homosexual, Terry; and Mary is being constantly tripped up by maternal feelings for Michael. And eventually things sort out rather sadly. Mary faces Michael with his latest lies, demanding a divorce. Terry is killed in the home of his former lover. Jayne bears a child. Michael marries his rich girlfriend. And Mary realizes that she ""was not meant to be an idle dependent woman. . . . "" A soothing enough entanglement between shuffleboard and rhumba lessons.

Pub Date: April 6th, 1979
Publisher: Doubleday