THE SITTER WHO DIDN'T SIT by Helen Walker Puner


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Roger Duvoisin's pictures for this nonsense tale will be a sales angle for adults, but their queer angularity and ugliness produced most unflattering comments from one four and one six year old. In fact this is one of those books on which this office is sharply divided. One report states that ""the vagaries of exasperating adult action provide plenty of fun when viewed through the eyes of two youngsters. Children will love it for the story of the sitter who was supposed to read her charges a story and never got around to it because she attended to all sorts of interfering things instead -- and for the chance it gives them to laugh at the recognizable and bewildering ways of grown ups. The illustrations suit the rushing flavor of the story.""...Another examination of the book resulted in a curt dismissal- while a third said ""Cute idea, but too mannered in the doing"". Take your choice. My guess is that it has a good deal of the direct appeal that Hurry, Hurry by Edith Thacher Hurd (Scott) seemed to have. (We confess we didn't like that much either but we know it sold.) Binding- flimsy board, but it may prove popular enough to merit rebinding.

Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepar