THE LORDS OF DAIR by Helen Wieselberg


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Art historian Deborah Guest, ditched by her actor ex-husband Kevin, jumps at the chance to get away from it all and do a valuation of the extraordinary contents of Dair Manor on the Welsh border. It is a plum job since Dair is filled with priceless relics of every description, but it turns out that Deborah is working not for nice Lord Thaniel Cavage or his eccentric old mum the Dow (short for Dowager), but for the Lord's wife, Texas-oil rich Kendra. Bitchy Kendra is determined to strip the manor of everything that isn't entailed (purely for spite)--the price Lord Than must pay for a divorce and custody of young son Whitwell. Along with hidden passages and attempts to murder Deborah, two ghosts are laid on, one of whom, a lady in blue, protects all Cavages from untimely death by flashing through and shouting ""Lout!"" The other ghost is creepy Crinsley-the-no-handed-haunt, who yearns to revenge himself on any descendant of his old enemies, the Gaffords--not nice, since the main descendant around is an eight-year-old girl. Add a pack of Welsh corgis trained to kill, and you have a jolly little ghost-mystery-romance, if only our heroine would stop moaning about her drippy ex- and pay some attention to the main chance.

Pub Date: May 9th, 1978
Publisher: Putnam