GINGERBREAD by Helga Sandburg


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Miss Sandburg continues her portrayal of farm life in Michigan which she began in Blueberry (1963, p. 316, J-110). Kristin is in a frazzle because Blueberry is about to foal; the sixteen year old girl wanders about, speaking in near-baby talk to her sister and parents. Gingerbread is safely born and all is sunny and gay until Kristin finds the foal blind because it was hit by a lightning bolt; the vet defines the condition as amaurosis-- hysterical blindness which may be temporary or permanent. It's all animals, animals, animals; every person seems to be trailed by three or four varied pets. Kristin with her one track ways is more or less of a bore; if she was sentimentally portrayed in the first book, the author has gone three times as far in the sequel. The eternal triangle as a new angle: Barney (18 and animal-crazy) is wild about Kristin and Kristin's in love with a tiny trotter with a trauma-Gingerbread. Things were never so emotional and heartrending down on the farm.

Pub Date: April 27th, 1964
Publisher: Dial