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ONE DAY IN PARADISE by Helme--Adapt & Illus. Heine



Pub Date: April 1st, 1986
Publisher: Atheneum

From the German, a retelling and amplification of God's making of man and woman on the sixth day. Heine's watercolors are outstanding (his newly created tropical world is freshly luminous). He has chosen a literal interpretation of God creating man in His own image, and accordingly depicts God as an elderly gentleman resembling one of the French impressionists (although this artist is a sculptor). In his workshop, hung with painted studies for various creatures, He puts together a human being with "". . .a head for thinking. . .two eyes to see the beauty of Paradise. . .two ears to hear God and. . .a big heart to love His creation."" Some may feel that God is trivialized when shown as a nice old man with a watering can; this will be judged by readers according to the spirit of their own beliefs.