THE ETHICS OF SEX by Helmut Thielicke


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The author deals here with ""the sexuality of man"" in the context of ""Christian anthropology"", the doctrine of creation and redemption, and of responsible fellow humanity. While basing this anthropology upon the Biblical--particularly Jesus's--view of man's bi-sexuality, he recognizes that modern man is structurally, psychologically, sociologically, different from Biblical man, especially in the liberation of his individuality, and he insists that theological and Biblical teachings about sex should take seriously the nature of the modern person as well as the concrete ways in which the problems of sex arise for men and women today. After an Introduction, which develops a Biblical Anthropology of the sexes, the book discusses the problem of the relation of Eros and Agape with reference to human integration; the Order of Marriage including the question of divorce, and the ""Borderline Situations""--birth control, abortion, artificial insemination, and homosexuality. While thoroughly grounded in both theological and Biblical teaching, the author is also conversant with the psychological and scientific literature of this field. At the same time he writes with penetrating awareness of the problems of pastoral care arising with respect to sex. This should be an outstanding contribution to the subject, useful to serious students, pastors, counsellors, and lay people seeking to find a ground for ordering their own personal life.

Pub Date: Jan. 29th, 1964
ISBN: 0227676564
Publisher: Harper & Row