NIHILISM by Helmut Thielicke


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No one is better equipped to write this disturbing and thought-provoking book than Helmut Thielicke, who lived through the arrogant period of Nazi ascendance in Germany and its chastening and humiliating debacle. Now, the fighting over, he delivers these lectures to the young men who throng to hear him at the University of Tubingen and he speaks of Nihilism, which feeds upon the loss of meaning and the collapse of value which so thoroughly penetrates and saturates all phases of man's life in today's world. Drawing his arguments from psychiatry, theology, medicine, philosophy and law, Thielicke seeks to prove that the last ""ism"" is not the last God. The last God is God. Even in anxiety's horrible vacuum there is the figure of One we cannot escape, the God before whom we are guilty and responsible, and in whose life alone man may find his true destiny as God's son. Helmut Thielicke is the Rector of the University of Hamburg, and has been introduced to this country by his The Waiting Father, a masterful series of sermons on the Prodigal Son. This new book is required reading for all who would understand the relevance of Christianity to modern culture.

Publisher: Harper