MAD, MAD MONDAY by Henna Silverstein


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Miranda can't decide whom she loves: Stormy Kincaid, Garland School's ""head hunk,"" or Michael Oliver Newberry (nicknamed Monday), also a hunk but 30 years dead. Miranda makes a love potion aimed at Stormy, but her incantation resurrects Monday--an archetypal 50's teen-ager with everything from D.A. to blue suede shoes. Miranda wastes little time in hysteria--""Do angels really have halos? What do they do for fun?""--but Monday isn't talking; he has plans of his own, and the ""rules"" say that he has but two weeks back on earth. He floats about, cheerfully popping in and out of sight, creating various forms of havoc in Miranda's life, suffering culture shock at seeing his friends old and balding. Gradually he takes a greater, though necessarily platonic, interest in Miranda; when she discovers at the Spring Dance that Stormy is a self-centered heel, she and the ghost spend the evening dancing in an out-of-the-way hall, and Monday makes some arrangements before he goes. Their all-too-brief time together comes to an end, but Miranda's grief is cut short by the appearance in class of Monday's ""arrangement"": one Thomas Ulysses Edward Stephens (check the initials). Pleasant, romantic, lightweight.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1987
Page count: 144pp
Publisher: Lodestar/Dutton