TAKE MY WIFE. . . PLEASE! My Life and Laughs by Henny Youngman

TAKE MY WIFE. . . PLEASE! My Life and Laughs

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This is your life Henny Youngman, autobiographical one-liners from the Jewish comedian who was delivered into this world by a nearsighted doctor (""When he held me up and slapped me, he gave me a nosebleed""), who was raised on Brooklyn's Lower East Side (""So it was years before I learned to speak English""), who was so nutty as a youngnik that Momma and Poppa feared for their Henny's future (""they thought I might wind up in a Hershey bar""), who has played funnyman everywhere from TV and radio to nightclubs and Bar Mitzvahs (""I've even lectured at colleges, which is about the same as Bar Mitzvahs except that the kids are older""), who doesn't worry that his jokes aren't socially relevant (""Who am I? Amy Vanderbilt?""), who has been giving away his wife Sadie now for 47 years and still milks the old familial gags (""My mother-in-law went to get her face lifted. They couldn't do it. They had to lower her body""), who knows that his shtik still leaves that certain audience laughing in their Manischewitz.

Pub Date: Jan. 24th, 1972
Publisher: Putnam