PITY FOR WOMEN by Henri de Montherlant


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One of the most brilliant writers in France today, he wields a subtle, witty and trenchant pen. But he cannot resist reflecting in his work himself and his own personal philosophy of nihilism. His central character in this book, which combines the first two volumes of a trilogy, is a Byronic voluptuary, and through letters, diary, etc. the mental and emotional processes of the man are traced. Maurois handled somewhat the same theme, of a man who could not stand satiety of love from one source, in his Atmosphere of Love, but Maurois went farther; in showing that the trait was not wholly feminine, but the tables could be turned. De Montherlant presents an extremist's viewpoint of an abnormally erotic career.

Pub Date: April 11th, 1938
Publisher: Knopf