WILLIAM LAW by Henri Talon


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This is an unusual essay in that it treats primarily with the literary craftsmanship of the great English mystic rather than with his message and his spiritual significance. While there are brief introductory chapters outlining the life of Law and depicting the literary and social world in which he lived, the body of the book has to do with Law's qualities and techniques as a writer. One chapter deals with Law as logician and wit, another is entitled, ""A Study in the Art of Persuasion"", and is based on Law's most famous work: A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life. With the revival of interest in mystical writings there should be a demand for this book from the mystically inclined and lovers of classical literature of all faiths. The market for mysticism is one quite apart from the usual religious book market. Please note this in selling this book.

Publisher: Harper