BREAD FROM HEAVEN by Henrietta Buckmaster


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An often anguished- and consistently compassionate story of human survival which is also the survival of faith, as two boys, who are the victims of a concentration camp in Europe, come to a small town in New England where they bring with them not only the chill of memory and constant of fear but also the hope of assimilation. But the town, which is a microcosm of the world, insulated along tight lines of convention and caste, feels a certain uneasiness as well as conscience in the face of an obligation which is not theirs. And Karel, who is 19, and Nicky, his ""brother"", who is 8- and armless, and whom he'd rescued from under the body of a dead mother, confront the distrust of the alten which is pressured by prejudice, and fear, into overt hostility, only to find- through the warm championship of a few friends- the strength to stay on and erase the perpetual pattern of homelessness... A direct and affecting situation, which develops from the immediate to a wider implication and involvement of the liberal spirit and the loving heart.

Pub Date: Aug. 4th, 1952
Publisher: Random House