LUCY AND LOKI by Henrietta Buckmaster
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Lucy was a cat who so worshipped her big dog friend, Loki, that she emulated him in everything. This is a warm intimate close-up story of hero-worship a-borning -- when Lucy witnesses how Loki scares three dogs away from their home. Barbara Cooney's illustrations of the devotion between the two are the kind that children love -- funny, cozy, lovingly detailed. Lucy looks after Loki, cat-fashion, licking his paws and acting as general valet. And Loki's tail provides a comforter for their fireside naps. The horrendous day when admirer Lucy fell into the bath-water with Loki makes for splendid pictures. Lucy proves her prowess at the happy ending when she too frightens the three big dogs. Delightful for reading aloud.

Pub Date: March 12th, 1958
Publisher: Scribner