HOUSEHOLD MANUAL by Henrietta Ripperger


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This is the next step up from Dorothy Abel's Making Housekeeping Easy (Funk & Wagnalls), which was intended for the beginning housekeeper and started with the assumption that living quarters consisted of a 3-room flat. Mrs. Ripperger assumes somewhat more of this world's goods, but there is plenty of sound advice for sharply limited budgets. More extensive coverage, too-in that the opening chapters deal with finding a home (buy-rent-share); putting it into condition; furnishing and decorating. Good ideas here on color- on mixing paints, etc. Furnishing and decorating plans come in for discussion; selection of glass, china, silver, linen, planning for efficient closets, etc. From that point on, the emphasis is on housekeeping:- cleaning, laundry, care of clothes, elimination of pests, handling of emergencies. There's a section on household help- if any! On insurance, on marketing, cooking terminology, spoilage (this is one of the best). The last section takes up various phases and problems and recipes for success in entertaining. The angles on the ""five o'clock wife"" -- how to have a job and be a good house-keeper- will recommend this highly to career girl brides...May I register one complaint? I wish she wouldn't talk about ""our hero"" and ""the great man"". It isn't done these days.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster