TOWARD WORLD PEACE by Henry A. Wallace


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This is Henry Wallace's political reed, and for those who are not for him, it is a hard one to answer. It narrows down to this:- ""to help the housewife at the store the number one necessity is an administration with a new foreign policy"". ""A New Party proclaims a crusade to rediscover the spirit of America"" --and to this end he charts nine points of procedure, necessary to restore civil liberties, to control inflation, to apply moral principles to international affairs, to bring justice and opportunity for service to the common man. In the course of his text, leading up to his conclusions, he builds up the case for progressive capitalism, as against the now dominant reactionary capitalism; he urges a strengthened and implemented U.N.; he pleads for understanding of and cooperation with Russia. His weakness lies in his reluctance to place its share of blame for today's debacle on Russia, though he states unequivocally the points where he is out of sympathy with Russia. A further weakness lies in his failure to indicate how he would achieve those goals which most men of good will would agree are admirable and desirable. But he is a staunch advocate- compelling- challenging. His book should be studied by voters of all stripes.

Pub Date: April 15th, 1948
Publisher: Reynal & Hitchcock