FROM TREES TO PAPER: The Story of Newsprint by Henry B. Lent

FROM TREES TO PAPER: The Story of Newsprint

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What goes on in a huge paper mill and its surrounding forests of spruce and balsam up in the Quebec North Woods? Personalizing his story, Henry Lent describes a trip he took up the St. Lawrence, gives much of the characters of the lumberjacks and mill hands as he learns the steps of newsprint making- cutting down the trees, floating them down stream, the tremendous pulverizing action of the machines, winding the rolls of paper- successfully conveys a lot of the excitement and danger involved. Geared as it is, especially to the paper of the press world and more specifically to the paper for ""New York's biggest daily newspaper!""- this is nevertheless vivid vocational material.

Pub Date: April 15th, 1952
Publisher: Macmillan