MARXISM: An Autopsy by Henry Bamford Parkes

MARXISM: An Autopsy

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This starts with an historical survey designed to illustrate the point that wrong practice is inherently based on wrong theory, for example, revolutions occur in peasant not in industrial nations; that the proletarian is not a revolutionary class; an attempt to achieve Marxian ideals by Marxian methods results in the suppression of freedom and the growth of class differences. He develops his theory that Stalinism is the inevitable result of Marx and Lenin, and that the differences between Trotsky and Stalin lie in emphasis rather than theory. He points out numerous errors as demonstrated by history in basic Marxian economy, and makes his point -- that the problem of today is one of capital and the consumer, rather than capital and labor. The two main items in any progressive program should be to reduce the income for the rentier class, and give the worker in large-scale industry the status of a property owner. Every defeat of progressivism has been the inability of leaders to find a common platform on which classes can unite ultimately, the right to work and the freedom of choice of work must be established....To the layman, Parkes goes a long way round to present his thesis, and fails to make his arguments conclusive or convincing. But at least it opens a new line of thought and action.

Pub Date: Oct. 17th, 1939
Publisher: Houghton,Mifflin