THAT BENNINGTON MOB by Henry Barnard Safford
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Here's a book for the Neil Swanson followers. His Judas Tree proved conclusively that historical fiction with an American setting, particularly one that has not been hackneyed by over emphasis, had a tremendous appeal. Grace Zaring Stone's Cold Journey reenforced that opinion. This book is right down that alley:- historical fiction, told with vigor, a keen dramatic sense and a note of authenticity. The period -- the heyday of the Green Mountain Boys, under Ethan Allen; the setting, northwestern New England, Canada, Albany, New York, and the prison quarters crossing to and fro across the Atlantic, and in Pendennis Castle in England. Good adventure -- good history -- good romance. Should find a second string market in the older boys and girls who want historical fiction with a romantic twist. Particularly New England and New York state book.

Pub Date: March 15th, 1935
Publisher: Messner