COUNTRY EDITOR by Henry Bectle Hough


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In the footsteps of Country Lawyer and Country Doctor, this seems a natural progression. But somehow it doesn't quite make the grade, though the folksy account of a lifetime of running a small New England weekly (the Edgartown Gazette, for those who know their Martha's Vineyard), shares with the readers a cross section of the people and their lives. The townsfolk, the shopkeepers, the gentle and the merely genteel, the contributors to the paper, and the adventures and mishaps attendant upon getting out a country sheet. There's the purchase of the linotype machine; there's the one local murder; there are news stories, poetry contributed by local aspirants, all very small time, small town stuff, rustic and leisurely, with strong emphasis on the homely ways of life. Distinctly on the quaint side, and lacking the quality that make the Edwin Valentine Mitchell books so winning: The appeal is to the old timers, and to New Englanders, and there are lots of bits about the island and the natives that will catch local attention and interest.

Pub Date: Aug. 9th, 1940
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran