THE WHITE BULL by Henry Blanchard


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A semi-symbolic, semi-sentimental, and generally fervent story of France -- before and after this war -- which, through the love story of William Gerard and a peasant's daughter, shows much of what France went through, the spirit of survival which obtained.. Staying on a Normandy farm in 1937, William Gerard, American-born concert pianist, fell in love with Jenni Barguese, was kept from marrying her for a period of two years by her father whose need to dominate by fear, and violence, was reflected in the white bull, uncontrollable and savage. With the war, Gerard goes back to America, sees Mme. Barguese again only after D-Day, when he returns to Normandy as a Major in the Intelligence. There he learns of their suffering at German hands, Jenni's death, the ruin of the family. A first novel of more than average accomplishment.

Pub Date: July 17th, 1947
Publisher: Doubleday