HENRY THE SMILING DOG by Henry Blankfort


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Laughter is not ipso fact contagious and the forceful direction to hilarity provided by a compulsively grinning dog will tire the happiest youngsters. Henry, ""the most mixed-up mixture of a dog anyone ever saw"" (from the illustrations he looks like an over-dentured Elsa Maxwell with long floppy ears) moved in on an elegantly residential neighborhood and his declasse grin left all the pedigreed but dour dogs hysterically rolling on their landscaped lawns. He made a quick getaway when the dogcatchers came, but returned--spreading mirth to all the dogs and their masters. Henry's only comic attribute is his grin; he laughs at nothing at all (""...at leaves dancing in the breeze...at the sunshine chasing shadows away"") but a more discriminating audience won't be as responsive.

Pub Date: Feb. 23rd, 1966
Publisher: Putnam