THE ONE-HAT SOLUTION: Rogers' Strategy for Creative Middle Management by Henry C. Rogers

THE ONE-HAT SOLUTION: Rogers' Strategy for Creative Middle Management

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A follow-up on Rogers' Rules for Corporate Success that intelligently addresses the special problems affecting middle managers. Enlarging on his premise that ""psychorelations"" can be the key to perfecting managerial performance, as well as interpersonal relationships, Rogers applies his many rules (first and foremost is the Golden) to the middle-manager syndrome--an often exasperating psychological conflict sometimes experienced by working people who report to an immediate superior and who, in turn, serve as ""boss"" to subordinates. Possessing a solid understanding of the problem--mainly a failure at meaningful communication--Rogers systematically comes up with sensible guidelines for effective middle management. As chairman of a major public relations enterprise, Rogers has encountered some of the more obvious ego problems in business. His experiences are partially documented here and serve to spice up the text with often humorous, always appropriate real-life vignettes. The author's depth of understanding interpersonal relations becomes crystal clear as he advises on firing an employee. Rarely has this painful topic been addressed in so realistic--but compassionate--a manner. Rogers reminds us throughout that we are dealing with sensitive human beings, whose fragile psyches can be injured unnecessarily. The One-Hat Solution makes good sense and should be a valuable manual for anyone not quite comfortable wearing the two hats.

Pub Date: Sept. 15th, 1986
Publisher: St. Martin's