THE CONTRACT by Henry Carlisle


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Upon a wistful school eve some years back, three poor little nephews of three very rich aunts, penned a contract--they would take care of their future fortune by doing in each other's relatives. Avery Ashley, now grown and still trailing after his Aunt Lavinia, had almost forgotten the incident when Adrian Oliphant appears to remind him. Adrian seems insanely prepared to carry out the ""infantile joke"" and Avery finds himself in the position of defending the unsuspecting Aunt Lavinia. How does Adrian figure to goad the other two into fulfilling their part of the bargain? Well, would you believe blackmail--the ""Contract"" or hypnotism? Or would you believe voodoo and zombies as the scene switches from Europe to the Golden Gate to St. Sebastian? There is a lot of action--even a rocket is launched at Lavinia and it is all mildly diverting but very childish.

Pub Date: Oct. 4th, 1968
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill