BROTHERS IN LAW by Henry Cecil


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The learned profession of the law from groundling up is portrayed through Roger Thursby, who at 21 is called to the Bar and whose blank pages -- in the book and on the blotter -- make for a diverting account of English customs and procedures. Pupil of busy Mr. Grimes, whose clerk, Blake, is Roger's mentor, and whose other pupil, Henry, is a lazy brother in law, Roger goes from utter humiliation to sheer embarasment when he takes over for Mr. Grimes, knowing nothing of the case, the points of law, or behavior. There's the rivalry between Sally, who eventually goes to work in a solicitor's office, and Joy, whose technique is to get him cases; there's his mother who turns up on a Jury when he is appearing; there are bankruptcy, divorce, accident, conspiracy, fraud -- and other- cases -- and, somewhere Roger emerges from the fray a real barrister to be....A first year includes dreams of glory as well as sad facts and makes the most of modest beginnings in a youthfully, often funny, manner. A seller in England which has moved into the moving pictures there -- and lawyers do like to read about their counterparts all over. For that legal man in your life.

Pub Date: Jan. 4th, 1955
Publisher: Harper