CHANTICLEER: The Story of a Proud Rooster by Henry Chafetz

CHANTICLEER: The Story of a Proud Rooster

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Based on Rostand's Chantecler is a fable of pride and jealousy that lasts too long, crows its own virtues, and doesn't keep its characters straight. Chanticleer, whose Co co ri co summons the morning sun, is challenged by ""Assassin,"" a cock ""with spurs."" But Chanticleer, presented as the victim of a dirty fighter, has the spurs in the illustrations--which is absolutely confusing. The story itself is a series of morality plays in which Chanticleer learns that his crowing has meaning but not on the grand scale he supposed. Kids will call for the book long before that.

Pub Date: Nov. 20th, 1968
Publisher: Pantheon