TIN HORNS AND CALICO by Henry Christman


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Detailed and highly specialized story of the ""Anti-Rent Movement"" of the farmers around Albany in the middle '80's. The fight of the ""tenants"" -- mostly of Dutch descent -- against the then existing systems of semi-feudalistic land owning by a few families. The Van Renaselars of Albany, most powerful of all, stood as a symbol of the patroons. This is the story of the long, bitter and often bloody fight waged by the farmers --""On Indiana"" -- for ownership of the land on which they worked and paid taxes -- and of their leaders, sonlots such as Dr. Boughton and Thomas Aingo Dovyr. It become a major political issue in the state. Ambitious research, documents, court records, diaries and letters -- to Authentious facts of a miniature civil war in which the farmers won their rights, and out of which the Homestead Act stemmed. Regional appeal -- and of interest to those who are concerned with off-the-record social history of our country.

Pub Date: Jan. 22nd, 1945
Publisher: Holt