IN PRAISE OF GENTLEMEN by Henry Dwight Sedgwick


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Here's a book for a highly selective market. Pick your ""old school gentlemen"" -- slightly precieux, perhaps -- very exclusive and inclined toward scholarly pursuits and interests. Drop them a line and tell them this book is made for them, and is coming on August 2nd. But don't expect to get an ordinary over-the-counter sale on it.... A book with a definite snob appeal, a survey of the ideal of the gentleman -- service in time of war, the arts in time of peace, setting store by manners, style, modesty, taste, privacy, class education; a history of the place of gentlemen, from Homeric days on up through classic types such as Lord Chesterfield; and a gesture of regret at their passing.

Pub Date: Aug. 2nd, 1935
Publisher: Little, Brown