YOUR HOUSE IN THE COUNTRY by Henry & Eugenia Mins


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This is a thoroughly practical handbook for any city dweller proposing to build or rebuild a country house. It is an excellent how-to-do book, combining features of other handbooks on First Aid to the Ailing House, More House for your Money, and cooking books. There is virtually no personal experience -- so for those who want the commonsense approach to the country house problem, not garnished with any story element, this is their dish. Henry Mins is, I believe, an architect; his enthusiasm naturally leans towards building a new house, and on that he is at his best. The emphasis is on planning the project, the actual building --rather than the details of furnishing, decorating and living in it once it is built. Speaking from experience, I can recommend the book for the soundness of its philosophy and the value of its hints.

Pub Date: April 16th, 1940
Publisher: Simon & Schuster