AMERICAN SAYINGS (Essential Books) by Henry F. -- Ed. Woods

AMERICAN SAYINGS (Essential Books)

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A list of phrases, slogans and aphorisms with paragraphs explaining their origin, authors and use. The particular value lies in their immediacy: for general coverage there is no competition here with old standbyes such as Bartlett or Stevenson, but for colloquialisms, modernisms, and very personal choices such as MacArthur's ""I Shall Return"" -- Roosevelt's ""One Third of a Nation"" the commander at Bastogne's succinct ""Nuts"" in reply to a request for surrender etc., this will be useful. The arrangement is in chronological and topical order -- political, civil, war, social, economic, commercial, popular and so on. Unfortunately, there's a tendency to accept superficial scholarship in running down sources, which hurts the book from the angle of permanent use.

Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce