DINGO: The Story of an Cutlaw by Henry G. Lamond

DINGO: The Story of an Cutlaw

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The author of Kilgour's Nare (1943) writes of the Australian wild dog in tracing the life of a master killer, hated and feared by cattle and sheep men alike. Here is the sharp, cunning character of a dingo, his legendary personality, his danger to stock raisers. Trained by his mother, rescued by her when he is captured by a hunter. White Ears early learns the value of caution, becomes wise in the ways of trappers, perfects a style of killing that marks him all over Western Quensland. Birds, kangaroos, cattle, sheep, goats -- White Ears kills for pleasure oftener than food, kills so much that the bounty on his head increases with every new raid. No fence can exclude him, --traps, poison, guns cannot catch him, -- and even bitch dogs, though they lure him, cannot bring about his destruction. When he is finally caught, he receives respectful treatment. Perceptive natural history story that is informative as well.

Publisher: Morrow