KILGOUR'S MARE by Henry G. Lamond


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There's genuine quality to these episodes on an Australian stockfarm, and there is real understanding of horses and their racial psychology, their traditions. No formulated story here, save for the pattern of the life cycle of a mare, as Cascade, new to the group, is mated and foals. Amathea, her daughter, becomes the special darling of Kilgour, manager of the stockfarm. The round of her life is traced, -- branding, breaking, training as a stockhorse, the winning of a race, once, again. She is put to stud and repeats her own pattern with a new foal. Other episodes include the battle of two stallions, the shooting of the leader of the group who becomes a maneater, etc. The sensitivity, the gentleness, the sporadic savagery of the horse handled with insight. Nice.

Pub Date: Oct. 27th, 1943
ISBN: 1406727342
Publisher: Morrow