HOT ROD by Henry Gragor Felsen


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The controversial subject of teen-age driving, long relegated to editorial pages and the pulpit, here forms the background for this story of a redeemed highway delinquent. Bud Crayne, although still in school and seventeen, regarded himself as a man, as he had no family and was looking forward to a career with automobiles and marriage with LaVerne Shuler, the most ""glamorous"" girl in school. Therefore Bud feels he cannot risk his position as speed king of the highways and lose LaVerne's admiration by refusing a race with his rival. Walt Thomas, on a timed run to Trenton in his ""home-made"" car. In spite of warnings by Patrolman O'Day and Mr. Cole, the high school teacher, and the chance of a scholarship to engineering school -- if he is eligible for and wins a proposed safety driving contest -- Bud makes the run with LaVerne and is apprehended. Bud's confidence begins to break down after a second placing in the safe-driving contest in the Rodeo, but it is not until after a terrible road accident in which several of his friends are killed because of wild driving and road ""games"", that Bud sees the light. Fast-moving, candid, and includes some safe driving questions and answers.

Pub Date: July 28th, 1950
Publisher: Dutton