CUB SCOUT AT LAST by Henry Gregor Felsen


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Besides filling the need here for more cub scout stories (see From Boboat to Wolf by L. S. Gardner, 1952, p. 370, for another good one) Felsen is a good raconteur, a writer who knows the joys and the disappointments of his eight year olds. The humorous, realistic telling gives life to the adventures of dawdling young Jerry as he anticipates initiation, helps plan a circus exhibition with the rest of Den 4 for the Council Exposition, is temporarily down at the mouth when the circus falls prey to a friendly collie's bumbling eagerness. But Jerry grows in efficiency during his first stint as a cub and has the satisfaction of seeing the den's efforts finally bear winning fruit at the Exposition. Robert Henneberger's drawings show a scrappy, laughing bunch of boys.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1952
Publisher: Scribner