TWO AND THE TOWN by Henry Gregor Felsen


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This is a courageous book- to write, to publish. While not wholly successful in the handling, the subject is dealt with honestly, forthrightly, only the people in the background are shadowy and weak.... Elaine and Buff, high school sweet-hearts, caught in the emotional aftermath of a crucial football game lost, succumb to the spell of mutual physical attraction, and are caught. Forced into marriage at too early an age, ostracized, compelled to readjust to a future which only they can solve, Elaine proves herself mature, while it takes Buff a stint in the Marines to see the error of his childish impetuosity, and to face up to his responsibilities. The situation is treated as if boys were not alone in being bundles of impulses; girls have overpowering emotions too. Here neither one comes off blameless. Felsen has drawn his situations and his situations and his main main characters sharply, with suspense; there is good healthy tension in the football game and the town's hysterical response, in the session Buff faces with his father, and so on. Only in the minor characters and the background does he fail to come alive. A book to watch.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1952
Publisher: Scribner