YEARS OF EXPECTATION: Guadalcanal to Normandy by Henry H. Adams

YEARS OF EXPECTATION: Guadalcanal to Normandy

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Volume three of Professor Adams' crowded sociomilitary history of World War II quicksteps -- You Can Hear It Now -- from the Solomons and New Guinea, across North Africa to Sicily, on to Italy, up to the preparations for the June 1944 D-Day invasion. Through it all ""John Q. and Jane Citizen"" in the U.S.A. learned anew the meaning of the term ""guns or butter"" via rationing coupons, followed the exploits of General Patton whose pearl-handled revolvers and colorful commands (""if you can connect with your goddamn Navy, tell them for God's sake to drop some #@%*& shellfire on the #@%*& road"") epitomized American bravado, read about the average dogface in the reports of Ernie Pyle, trusted to their Commander-in-Chief as he hopped from Casablanca to ""Shangri La,"" watched Alfred Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt as diversion from the seemingly interminable war or pretty Claudette Colbert in So Proudly We Hail as a spark to conscience, viewed United Mine Workers John L. Lewis' battle against the OPA and FDR with uneasiness, experienced the Zoot Suit craze, cheered as the Mustang finally tamed the Luftwaffe, wondered how much longer Berlin? Tokyo? Like the earlier narratives, this is popular, episodic history, not as precise as Calvocoressi and Wint's fine one-volume survey Total War (p. 1122), and more given to nostalgia than analysis.

Pub Date: Dec. 7th, 1972
Publisher: McKay