ETRUSCAN ITALY by Henry Harrel-Courtes


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A connoisseur's journey of rediscovery to the sites where Etruscan culture has been discovered and preserved in Italy takes us to locations in present-day italy, bounded by the Tiber in the South, the Arno in the North, the coast from Pisa to Cerveteri in the West, the Umbrian towns of Todi, Perugia, Cagli and ivitalba in the East, with extensions to Fiesole, Marzabtoo, Bologna and Spina. There is an air of pleasant absorption about the author as he surveys the necropolis of Cerveteri, describes and considers the themes on tombs at Tarquinia, looks upon the labyrinth at Vulci, the frescoes at Chiusi, the bronzes in the museum at Perugia or the Chimera of Arezzo at Florence. He at once gives graphic descriptions of the frescoes and remains of various regions and ponders their significance to our knowledge of the Etruscans. He also mentions the question of origin--he stands with the Orientalists--and the equally provocative question of the disappearance or assimilation of the culture.

Publisher: rion