SHIP OF DESTINY by Henry J. Slater


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1961 and a global upheaval that engulfs all land and leaves the world an ocean with the York Castle, a superluxury liner apparently the sole survivor on her trip from South Africa to England. The terrific storm she weathered, but which gave no hint of its results, keep the officers busy assuring her passengers that all is well, and the lack of visible or audible signals to mark their approach to land finally convinces the Captain and his staff of the enormity of the catastrophe. Sparks, the narrator, contacts another ship; they join forces but the cargo vessel is wrecked and the York Castle is headed for her solitary, unknown destiny. Problems of fuel, food, mutiny, fire and plague are next and passengers and crew are tested again and again so that when a new area of land is sighted the survivors are ready for their parts in carrying on a new civilization. Science fiction derivative but not too bad a maritime adventure yarn besides.

Pub Date: Feb. 13th, 1952
Publisher: Crowell